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A Finishing Skills Program with
Paid Apprenticeships

A Good Choice for Every Career Oriented Student

is a structured program of training designed to prepare students for skilled occupations. It combines on-the-job, learning under the supervision of experienced journey workers with related classroom instruction. The work integrated diploma provides students with industry specific education, on-the-job learning, nationally recognized certifications, and guaranteed monthly stipends.


Monthly Stipends

Students opting for On-the-Job Training will be paid as per the minimum wage act by the Government of India. The stipends can range from Rs 8500/- pm to Rs 15000/- per month depending on the location, the sector and the role.

Industry Exposure

As an apprentice, you will receive practical on-the-job learning in a wide selection of programs, such as Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Micro-Finance, E- Commerce.

Industry Certification

Upon completion of your apprenticeship program, you’ll receive a nationally recognized completion certification.

An On-going Career

Once you complete your apprenticeship, you will be on your way to a successful long- term career with competitive salary, and little or no educational debt.

Program Features

is linked to the AICTE’s NEEM program (National Employability Enhancement Mission) and provides apprenticeship opportunities to all students so that they can acquire the necessary skills while being associated with a corporate.

Upon completion of their apprenticeships, students are provided with additional placement assistance. In line with the Government of India’s vision to impart skills to the youth, Work X is the best option to get associated with reputed corporate brands and kick start your career.

  • Learn on the Go

    Workx facilitates App Based Learning. Our innovative ‘Lurningo’ app helps the student learn and practice the skills on his/her smartphone. Students can take the assessment test without any difficulty on their devices.

  • Learn and Earn

    Through our paid internship opportunities, you can learn on the job and start earning even before you graduate. You will also receive a work experience certificate recognised by the Ministry of Skill Development, GOI and AICTE.

  • Placement Assistance

    The Workx team will evaluate your knowledge and competency levels during the Program. In collaboration with our Corporate Partners, the mentors will assign the field assignments and guide you on the areas of improvement.


Online & Classroom Training

Students will get access to online & offline training, related to their subject expertise and will be required to attempt an online assessment test for skill & knowledge evaluation.

On-Job Training

The students will be offered apprenticeships, where they can start their work tenure with reputed companies in real time and build corporate contacts and gain work experience.

Diploma & Work Experience Certificate

Students will receive a diploma certificate that is recognized by the University and the Government upon successful completion of his training and the apprenticeship tenure.

Choose Your
Career Domain

Who can Apply?

All the students who are currently pursuing graduate and post graduate programs at the University are eligible for Program

Course Fee

The Course Fee is Rs. 10000/- + GST (Payable after completion of the classroom training, online training, assessment test and only after receiving confirmation of apprenticeship, inclusive of the registration fee Rs.500/- paid at the start of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to register for Program?
All the students who are currently pursuing degree/diploma with the University are eligible to register for Program
What is the age limit to enrol for the Program?
Students between 18 to 36 years of age can enrol for the said training program
Is there any additional fee to choose Program?
The course fee for is Rs 10000/-. A registration fee of Rs 500/-
What will I learn from the online modules included in Program?
The student will learn finishing skills in areas like Business Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Sales Skills, Data Skills, Negotiation Skills, Computer Application Skills, Business Etiquettes and Knowledge about certain Industry Domains.
What are the industry domains in Program?
Retail, Manufacturing, Banking & Financial Services, Micro-Finance, E-Commerce.
What is the structure of Program? How will you prepare me to get the Job?
There will be initial 3 months of online learning session, followed by 12 months of on the job training period at leading corporates. You shall complete this while you pursue your regular degree/diploma program from the University.
Is the Field Work/On the Job Training compulsory?
Yes, the on-job training is compulsory to complete your degree/diploma program at Mizoram University; it gives you an opportunity to apply your knowledge on the job, earn a stipend and gain work experience.
What kind of Program Assignments are included?
Program is industry specific, wherein the students get the hands-on experience understanding the Company products, sales concepts, data collection, negotiation and communication etiquettes.
Do I get paid ?
Students opting for On-the Job Training will be paid as per the minimum wage act by the Government of India. The stipends can range from Rs 8500/- pm to Rs 15000/- per month depending on the location, the sector and the role.
Is the Work experience certificate provided during my On-the Job Training period (Internship) recognised by the Govt.?
The trainee positions offered to the students shall be as per the NEEM regulations of Ministry of Skill Development, GoI and AICTE and hence they are recognised by the Government.
What is the duration of the Program?
The duration of the Work X Program shall be for a minimum of 12 months. However, students can continue their work period for a longer duration of time if there is an opportunity available with the company.
Are there any assessments for the Program?
Students will have to appear for 6 monthly assessments. The assessments shall comprise of supervisor feedback and an online test.

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