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Managing People in an Organisation

Managing people in an organisation focuses its teaching and research on the crucial role people play as the main source of competitive advantage. The effective management of people in an organisation requires an understanding of motivation, job design, reward systems, and group influence.

This course aims to help students acquire valuable knowledge and develop professional skills in order to effectively: manage people; to lead and transform health care organizations; coach, and mentor a diverse and changing workforce cope with employee diversity and change issues and Implement management practices that optimize workforce performance.

  • Mobile App based Learning
  • Online Learning Portal
  • Audio video lectures by renowned subject experts
  • Self-Assessment tests

10+2 / Equivalent

3 Months


Mizoram students are exempted from paying Course Fee and are required to pay only the Examination & Certificate Fee of ₹ 800/-
Other students are required to pay ₹ 1200/- as Course Fees and Examination & Certificate Fees of ₹ 800/-

Unit I Lesson 1 - Introduction
Scope and Significance of Behavioural Sciences to Management
Unit II Lesson 1 - Nature and Types of People – Biographical Characteristics
Lesson 2 - Mc Gregor’s Theory
Unit III Lesson 1 - Personality Concept and Determinants File
Lesson 2 - Theories of Personalities File
Unit IV Lesson 1 - Perception Process File
Lesson 2 - Barriers or Blocks to Perceptual Accuracy File
Unit V Lesson 1 - Learning process
Lesson 2 - Reinforcement
Lesson 3 - Motivation
Unit VI Lesson 1 - Maslow’s need hierarchy
Lesson 2 - Herzberg’s two factor theory
Unit VII Lesson 1 - Groups - Introduction
Lesson 2 - Group Dynamics
Unit VIII Lesson 1 - Conflict and Its Resolution
Lesson 2 - Change Process/Change – Its Management
Unit IX Lesson 1 - Group Decisions
Lesson 2 - Modes of decision-making
Unit X Lesson 1 - Leadership