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Introduction to Computer Science

Computer Science is a diverse topic encompassing computer technology, hardware, software, security, communications, programming, algorithms, functions, and storage. The Course start with reviewing bits and binary code, including how they are transmitted and stored, and go all the way to computer algorithms. Computer science course will be of great interest to IT professionals who would like to review the diverse range of topics found in computer science.

The main aim of this course is to provide introductory knowledge for students knowing how a computer and Internet works. Students will learn basic working principles of computer technologies: (i) how a computer is organised and (ii) how internet works. Some advanced concepts regarding computer science will be introduced.

  • Mobile App based Learning
  • Online Learning Portal
  • Audio video lectures by renowned subject experts
  • Self-Assessment tests

10+2 / Equivalent

3 Months


Mizoram students are exempted from paying Course Fee and are required to pay only the Examination & Certificate Fee of ₹ 800/-
Other students are required to pay ₹ 1200/- as Course Fees and Examination & Certificate Fees of ₹ 800/-

Unit I Introduction to Computers
Unit II Characteristics of Computer
Unit III Operating System
Unit IV History of Computer
Unit V Word Processing
Unit VI Presentation
Unit VII MS Access
Unit VIII Ms Excel
Unit IX Communications through email and internet
Unit X Internet & Ecommerce