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Designing of a Business Organization

This course focuses on the elements and the factors to be considered while designing a business organization. The scope of the course includes, Types of organizational structures, Control and Co-ordination in an Organization, Marketing, Operations, Human Resource and Financial Management in an Organization. The course also covers the issues faced by Indian Organizations and Transnational Organizations.

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the basic steps required to plan, start and run a business by having them actually do all of these things that are part of a startup. While the course materials provide guidance and useful management tools, company success is determined by the team’s efforts

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  • Audio video lectures by renowned subject experts
  • Self-Assessment tests

10+2 / Equivalent

3 Months


Mizoram students are exempted from paying Course Fee and are required to pay only the Examination & Certificate Fee of ₹ 800/-
Other students are required to pay ₹ 1200/- as Course Fees and Examination & Certificate Fees of ₹ 800/-

Unit I Organizational Structures, Control and Coordination in Organizations
Unit II Operations Management in Organizations
Unit III Marketing and Finance Management in Organizations
Unit IV Human Resources Management in Organizations
Unit V Strategic Issues of Indian Organizations